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Script training is aimed at helping people with aphasia use short self-chosen monologues and dialogues in natural, conversational contexts. Intensive practice leads to more automatic and accurate production of the sentences within the script.

Practice can be accomplished in a cost-effective manner by using computers. AphasiaScripts® is a software program that was designed specifically for script practice. It is unique in that it uses an animated agent that serves as a virtual therapist.

The virtual therapist produces natural speech with correct movements of the speech articulators and assists with the practice similar to a real speech-language pathologist. An extensive research project that evaluates the efficacy of AphasiaScripts® has been completed with positive results.

Note:  AphasiaScripts® requires Windows operating system and a PC or laptop computer.  It is not compatible with Macs, or with any tablet.

Upon purchasing AphasiaScripts® you will receive an email invoice from Content Shelf with your registration key (order number beginning with T). Please use the link provided in the email to access your AphasiaScripts® download.  Save the email in an easy-to-remember place! And please read the Instructions before downloading the program.

AphasiaScripts® works with Java Version 8, a free download from  Please download this version of Java to your computer before downloading AphasiaScripts®.  Download Instructions, including information on Java, will be available when you purchase AphasiaScripts®.




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